Supporting women in Oregon to overcome trauma, childhood wounds, and anxiety, to reconnect with themselves and thrive.

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Are you living life on autopilot too much of the time? Are you feeling like you have to just keep moving, getting crap done, because if you stop and let yourself really feel you’ll just collapse into a messy pile of tears? Are you a nurse who can’t bear to see another patient left alone too long in an empty hallway due to understaffing? A mom whose kids are almost grown and you’re not sure who you are anymore? Are you feeling like maybe the trauma is winning at the game of hide and seek that you’ve been playing? Do you feel like you just don’t want to do this by yourself anymore?

I can help you find your way back to yourself, to the true, essential you. I specialize in helping women reconnect with themselves in a profound and meaningful way. Together we will explore the experiences that have influenced your path to this point. You will choose who you want to be – how you want to live the one precious life you have from this point on. Your past will release its grip over you. I will support you as you take your steps in the direction of the grounded, intentional, beautiful you, ready to live the next stage of your journey with curiosity, courage, calmness, compassion, and confidence.


It’s never too late to be who you might have been.

Life presents us with important transitional moments, a time to pause, reflect, cry, question, grieve, make some changes, and find the way to move forward with strength and determination toward greater ease and joy. I can help you find your way.

It takes courage to invest in ourselves fully. We must dedicate time and do the hard work if we really want lasting change. I celebrate your faith in yourself and your worthiness!

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy provides the space for deep introspection, for pushing your comfort zone so that you can truly grow, and for finally facing those “demons” of the past and being free of their hold over you. It might be the most important part of self-care for you at this time.


EMDR is a specialized processing technique that uses bilateral stimulation of the brain to “loosen” intense memories and more effectively process traumatic or distressing memories and beliefs. Please see my EMDR page for more information. While EMDR can be effective in a 50 minute session, often longer sessions lead to greater reprocessing and relief.

All adults welcome. All sessions are currently held online via a HIPAA protected video platform (see FAQs.) Sessions in Spanish available.


I am out of network with most insurance companies. Currently accepting Kaiser and PacificSource. Fee is due at time of service.

Free 15 minute initial consultation
50 minute sessions are $200
75 minute sessions are $300

What’s in a name? The origin story of Know ThySelf Counseling

Choosing a Name

For me, coming up with a name for my private practice has been somewhat like naming another child. In picking a name for our offspring we think of our values, our connections to family or tradition, our hopes for the future of the one who bares the name, and our feelings about the name. And sometimes we just like the sound of the name. I wanted to choose a name that reflects my values and of course describes the business. So, what’s up with this name?


Boundaries and Self Esteem

Healthy boundaries are anchored inside, dependent on the shape of our relationship with ourself. They both nurture and reflect our self esteem. Healthy boundaries are

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Nonviolent Communication

One of the most important ways experience ourselves and our life is through our relationships with other people. And one of the foundations of a

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