Energy Tapping as a Resilience Skill



Life presents us with important transitional moments, a chance to pause, reflect, cry, question and grieve, perhaps make some changes, and find the way to move forward with strength and determination toward the next chapter. I can help you find your way.

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Energy Tapping as a Resilience Skill


Energy tapping, often referred to as the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), can be a helpful approach to more balance and greater ease. EFT can be understood as a type of psychological acupressure. Similar to acupuncture, it focuses on applying light pressure to specific meridian points of the body. This tapping is paired with certain statements. 


As my teacher Kim Newing often said, the goal is to “meet and release” the emotions. We acknowledge intense emotion being held in the body and then move toward releasing emotional attachment to the issue or experience. We release emotional attachment to the emotion itself. It is simple in many ways and can be extremely supportive. 


Our human brains are wired to place greater attention on emotionally charged experiences. It’s a foundational part of the usefulness of emotions. As the song goes, a year contains 525,600 minutes. We can’t hold on to it all. How do we measure the year – when measure means decide what is important, give a grade to the experience, know where to keep our attention… (Listen to Rent’s “Seasons of Love” and you’ll really feel the question.) We hold on to emotionally salient experiences more than anything, which leads us to treasure joyful moments and to continuously ache over painful experiences. 


Back to EFT. The technique can help release the intensity of the emotion. I work with, EMDR, which is a very powerful technique that can fundamentally shift things, releasing stuck energy, emotions and memories. We can’t easily do EMDR on ourselves, but we absolutely can develop a personal tapping practice that is helpful.


I encourage you to play around with it. Start by looking at Steve Wells’ website: Steve is a psychologist in Australia. His “Tapping” and “Self Help” pages can get you started. 


One of the most well known groups in the US is The Tapping Solution:


The Ortners have a lot of great resources on their website as well as some very helpful “how to” videos. They have an app that offers quite a lot of useful guided exercises,  including in the free version. 


If you like to check out all the research before embarking on a practice of this type, I encourage you to look at: They have a number of helpful resources and also provide links to countless papers from professional journals recording the benefits of EFT for a large and diverse group of concerns. 


Go ahead, give it a try! It doesn’t have to be done perfectly; in a way you can’t get it wrong. And you might just discover an incredibly powerful new way to enhance your wellbeing. Don’t worry what it looks like, just sink into what it feels like. 

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