It isn’t easy to “seek professional help” and call a therapist. Unfortunately there are many barriers including continued stigma, making the time, investing the money, and the daunting task of finding the right therapist for you. While I can’t guarantee that I am the right fit for you or that you will reach 100% of your goals, I do guarantee that I respect, appreciate, and treasure each and every one of my clients for their individuality, their courage, and their desire to create a different life for themselves.

Many of my clients have expressed appreciation for my warmth and genuineness, and my caring and interested presence. I will rely on my extensive training and experience, my passionate appreciation for the human adventure, as well as my innately empathic nature, to support you in this time in your life to reflect, re-center, and move forward with intention, energy, and a bigger smile.

Please note that availability for ongoing clients can be limited. Please contact me for current status.

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