Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare Professionals

As someone who strives to cultivate greater wellbeing in the world, I am particularly dedicated to supporting healthcare professionals. I have worked with many nurses and other professionals over the years and am passionate about serving them.


I appreciate and honor the unique challenges that healthcare professionals face. I know that burnout and strain on the family, and especially on couple relationships, are weighty issues. I recognize that the healthcare industry in the US is problematic in so many ways, leaving dedicated and passionate professionals in a workplace where they lack the resources they need, are understaffed and over-scheduled, lack control over or even input into providing services, and struggle to maintain a friendly and professional demeanor despite challenging working conditions and threats of negative reviews or board complaints.

If you are a healthcare professional, you may be feeling the weight of it all. Over the years I’ve heard a lot of stories about the many stressors you might face: physical and emotional abuse at the hands of patients, keeping personal and professional challenges a secret, always having to smile regardless of what’s happening, not having staffing backup or resources to do the job as you were trained, unsure whom to trust, challenges with unions, inconsistent work schedules, lack of support at home, and of course compassion fatigue. And that’s just a Monday! 


Anyone working in a hospital in the times of Covid is faced with the possible cumulative trauma of these years of fear, chaos, and stress. You may have been forced into moral dilemmas like seeing patients left in hallways for lack of rooms or staff or juggling more patients than seems humanly possible without proper staffing support – everyone tired and on edge. For some it has felt like being in a war zone. It’s hard to just walk away from that without a lingering impact. 

Healthcare professionals sometimes have significant questions about confidentiality when they seek therapeutic support. If this is you, I can work with you to address those concerns. Please reach out to me for a free 15 minute consultation. You may email, phone or text 415-605-3638, or simply schedule a consultation through the website. 


I am grateful for your dedication to helping people heal and look forward to supporting you in your journey.