Life Experience

My Personal Story

The Short Version

Since elementary school I was always interested in psychology and I entered college a psych major. Life threw some curve balls, I let fear keep me small, I married, worked in business, divorced, went to grad school, married the love of my life, dedicated myself to his career and our family for over a decade, and eventually returned to my passion — deep dives into the human spirit, how the mind works, how we get stuck in familiar patterns, and how we can evolve and create the life we want. I pursued my career as a mental health therapist and opened my private practice in 2021.


I have reinvented myself numerous times along the way – with three separate careers, and multiple moves to vastly different parts of the world: San Francisco, CA; Madrid, Spain; Los Angeles, CA; Jerusalem, Israel; New Rochelle, New York; Cleveland, Ohio; and finally Portland, Oregon. I know the challenges of my own journey, how I found inner strength and external support, how I persisted and grew. My life experiences help me understand and appreciate my clients and their own struggles and accomplishments. I love my work! Everyday I look forward to supporting amazing women in their personal journeys.

The Long Version

Therapy Dreams

“Thank you for being my therapist” Colleen wrote on the back of the school photo she gave me in 6th grade. I’ve had a passionate interest in the human experience and in supporting people in their journeys since elementary school. I was always the mediator between friends, the one attempting to help resolve conflict. In high school I had a subscription to “Psychology Today Magazine” and eagerly awaited new issues and the chance to learn more. I entered college a psychology major with plans of being a therapist.

Marriage to Divorce

And then I went on a side adventure… I spent my junior year abroad in Madrid, Spain. I met a man there, a Madrid native, and had an amazing year. I returned to college, changed my major to Spanish Studies and once I graduated I returned to Spain to be with him. After a year of working in Spain, we went to San Francisco, married, and I spent many years building a successful career in Human Resources Management. In my mid 20s, I was HR Manager for an important consulting firm. I had a corner office in a San Francisco high rise, and I was miserable. It was an incredibly difficult time period in my life, I floundered, I faked happiness, I worked 70 hours a week. I sat alone in sadness with a pint of Ben and Jerry’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough as my dinner more than a few nights. It was messy, but I left my husband and turned toward figuring out who I was and who I could be. Fortunately, I had the support of family, friends, and a skilled therapist to get through the divorce and transition.