It takes courage to invest in ourselves fully. We must dedicate time and do the hard work if we really want lasting change. I celebrate your faith in yourself and your worthiness!

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy provides the space for deep introspection, for pushing your comfort zone so that you can truly grow, and for finally facing those “demons” of the past and being free of their hold over you. It might be the most important part of self-care for you at this time.


All adults welcome. All sessions are currently held online via a HIPAA protected video platform (see FAQs).


EMDR is a specialized processing technique that uses bilateral stimulation of the brain to “loosen” intense memories and more effectively process traumatic or distressing memories and beliefs. Please see my EMDR page for more information. While EMDR can be effective in a 50 minute session, often longer sessions lead to greater reprocessing and relief.

I am out of network with most insurance companies. Fee is due at time of service.

Free 15 minute initial consultation
50 minute sessions are $200
75 minute sessions are $300